Global Studies Major Courses

Preparation for Global Studies
World Civilizations II (HIS 234)

Requirements for Global Studies
20th Century World Literature (LIT 463)
Comparative Religion (PHL 320)
Culture of Global Capitalism (HIS 320)
Ecological Revolutions (GLS 420)
Gender and Global Society (GLS 410)
Geography (SCI 300)
Intercultural Thinking (SOC 328)
Seminar and Portfolio Project (GLS 499)
Tale, Text and Hypertext (COM 385)
The Global Economy (GLS 430)

Upper-Division Global Studies Electives
Contemporary Popular Culture (SOC 325)
Intro to Global Marketing (MKT 430)
Marketing Fundamental (MKT 402A)
Post-Classical World (HIS 433)
Principles of Consumer Behavior (MKT 420)
World Art (ART 329)

Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies, National University