My name is Alyssa Burley and I am working towards a Bachelor of Arts in Global Studies at National University.  I expect to graduate in December of 2010.  After earning an Associate in Arts from Cuyamaca College, I transferred as a Marketing major to National University.  Three months into the Marketing program, I decided to switch to Global Studies and have been excited about the program ever since.  In Spring of 2011, I expect to begin the Master of Arts in Strategic Communications program at National University.

I am currently a member of the Archaeological Institute of America, the National Geographic Society and the National Arts Education Association.  Recently, I participated in The Genographic Project where scientists use DNA to trace human migration patterns and population genetics.  Using my DNA, the Genographic Project’s team was able to trace the migration of my distance ancestors.  Click here to view my personal results.

When I’m not working on school assignments, I am a graphic designer and marketing specialist at a software company in San Diego, CA.  My graphic design and marketing website may be viewed at www.alyssaburley.com.

Alyssa Burley
National University Undergraduate Student